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Financial Strategy

At Dellisart, we believe accounting is a valuable tool to help management to make informed decisions about the direction of the property, not simply a capture of what has happened. Our team follows the guidance of the Uniformed Systems of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, as recommended by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Our accounting team provides oversight and guidance to the property leadership team to help them run the business at the local level. We operate our properties as if we were signing the front of the check, not the back of the check. Taking this approach, we act as stewards for all of our owners to maximize profitability and cash flow.

We prepare a monthly financial stack to all of our owners, providing total transparency of what is running through the financial statements. Reports included in the monthly financial stack:

  • Income Statement
  • Check Register
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Outstanding Checks
  • Comp Rooms Report
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliations
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Variance Report

Let's change the way you manage your hotel

Maintaining excellent client relationships are at the heart of who we are. Honesty, transparency and solid communications are the pillars we manage by each and every day. We are Owners as well, so our viewpoint and decision making is always what is best for the operation and the owner.

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